The Private Tunnel Review

Private Tunnel Review

The primary reason to add a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to your phone is to protect your data when searching the internet. However, with so many VPN services available, how do you pick one for your devices? Read this Private Tunnel Review to find out if the service is right for your needs.

The Lowdown on Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel is a VPN service that helps secure your devices whenever you’re using a public Wi-Fi hotspot or accessing other remote networks. OpenVPN Technologies, the company that conceived the OpenVPN protocol, owns the service. The main criticism many VPN reviewers have about this service is that it’s based in the United States.

Laws in the US allow government or business entities to sue to get information from your computer. So, the service may record or log information from their servers and give it to the government or another entity without you knowing about it.

Also, they only have 22 servers in 12 countries, which is among the fewest number of servers of all the available VPNs. The small number of servers can limit users' ability to protect their data when traveling to Asia, Australia, or Africa. Not being able to protect their computers or smartphones adequately leaves people susceptible to having their devices hacked and identities or money stolen.

Private Tunnel supports devices using Windows, Mac. iOS 6.1 and newer, and Android 4.1 and higher, along with Amazon devices. The app for smartphones, tablets, and other devices are available through Google Play and the iTunes App store. For Windows systems, the app is available for download on their website.

There is some inaccurate information about the number of devices the VPN connects to an account. While some reviews say Private Tunnel allows an unlimited number of devices to use an account, they only let three devices connect to their service. Any more than three requires paying an additional fee.

Privacy Features

Customer Service Availability

What Makes Private Tunnel Unique?

When comparing their service with other VPNs, the feature that makes Private Tunnel unique is their live chat feature for customer service. Although other services have a live chat, the number that does are surprisingly low. Many of the smaller VPNs offer customer service inquiries only through email or a support ticket. These methods often take a couple of days from which to get a response.

Being able to use live chat means you can talk to a real person about the issues you’re having, and you don’t need to for days to get answers. Also, you don’t need to depend on online troubleshooting guides or wade through technical manuals to find the information you need to resolve a problem.

Some VPNs have their customers submit or requests for help through email or by submitting tickets. Instead of talking to someone who could guide you on the spot, you often need to wait for several days before hearing back from customer service, and it could take several emails to resolve an issue.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Privacy Policy

Some Content Is Not Available

Positive Attributes

How Does Private Tunnel Stack Up

Woman is holding a phone and on the screen is the vpn security app

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Although the owners of Private Tunnel is OpenVPN Technologies, this doesn’t mean that the VPN is the best in the business. In fact, it has a lot of shortcomings compared to other VPN services. This service only has a total of 22 servers in 12 countries compared to many VPNs offering thousands of servers in 30, 50, or 60 countries.

Having access to hundreds of servers in dozens of countries allows travelers to get connected to servers in their home countries to access social media or other content or those at home can access content in many places around the world that they may never visit.

This service is one of the few that doesn’t have a “No Log” policy because they are based in the US. America is part of an alliance with 13 other countries that share data from VPNs amongst intelligence agencies. Although you may not be concerned about information agencies sharing your information, it could make your personal and financial information more vulnerable to theft.

Although the US servers maintain good speed, many of the servers in other countries lose speed when customers log onto them. Slow servers can be frustrating because it can cause buffering if you’re trying to view content from streaming services or YouTube. It can also slow down the response times on your computer, which can prolong any project you’re doing online.

However, one advantage Private Tunnel has is the ability to get help via Live Chat. Not even some of the larger VPNs offer live chat support, which can make getting solutions to any problems that you’re having with the service faster.

​​Cutting to the Chase

Woman is holding a tablet and on the screen is the vpn security app

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After examining the features of Private Tunnel VPN and comparing them to other services, we gave it an overall rating of 3.15. This service doesn’t have everything offered by other VPNs of its size, but it isn't terrible either. It seems to be right in the middle of all the available VPNs.

Even though it has a fraction of the servers and are in fewer countries, the cost is about half of what other VPNs charge for their monthly rates. Also, at $35 for a one-year subscription, the yearly price is less expensive as well.

However, it's difficult to overlook the lack of a kill switch, the blocking of popular services like Netflix, and getting sporadic YouTube service on its servers, especially those that are in the US. If you're doing nothing more than using your smartphone or laptop at internet cafes and want to protect your privacy, then this service may be all that you need.

For people who take care of their bills, banking, credit card payments, and are active on social media, then Private Tunnel may not provide enough protection when they are in public looking up information on their devices. The lack of a kill switch can leave them vulnerable to hacking.

Also, lacking the ability to torrent can interfere with someone sharing important files with work colleagues and others. Torrenting isn't just for pirating copywritten content, but it's for sharing text files as well. The inability to share information with others on important projects could mean delays in completing important projects.

The service does have a few positive aspects, such as being able to work on devices that other VPNs don’t and their pricing. However, these attributes are not significant enough to overlook its many drawbacks.

How to Select a VPN

VPN Abstract

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Before examining all the available VPNs, determine if you need one and why you need it. In some cases, the firewall or router solutions in place may be all you need to keep your data secure. For instance, if you want to secure a home network, then you probably don't need a VPN. Their purpose is to ensure access to remote networks, not a network within your house.

Even if it is only occasionally, if you browse on your phone in a restaurant or work online on a laptop in your hotel room, you should use a VPN. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are usually not secure, or the router may be running firmware that is out of date. Someone could track your activity without you being aware of it when you’re in a public place if you don’t have protection in place.

Do You Want to Explore Content Worldwide?

Number and Location of Servers

​Does the VPN Fit Your Budget?

VPN Server Router

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VPNs have many price points, and the best services are not always the ones with higher subscription rates. Although the longer you subscribe to the service, the more money you can save, can you pay upfront for a one- or two-year commitment? Also, find out what type of payments the service accepts.

Some VPNs allow their users to pay with cryptocurrencies, retail gift cards, and PayPal along with credit or debit cards. Being able to pay with a gift card from a major retailer is an excellent way to maintain your anonymity.

These are only four of the decisions you need to make before choosing the appropriate VPN for your needs. This Private Tunnel review will provide you with the information you need about the VPN, so you can determine if it is the right one to use.

If you need a VPN service to protect your data when working in public places, this Private Tunnel review reveals that it may not provide the protection you want to keep your data away from hackers, the government, and businesses who want to market their wares to you.


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