Torguard Review: Honest And Unbiased

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Protecting your privacy and critical data from the face of increasing internet restrictions and cyber threats is essential. Finding the right VPN can help protect your data, remove restrictions, and improve your privacy online.

Torguard is an excellent VPN service provider if you need to access the internet without restriction and enhance your anonymity online. It is a particularly good gaming VPN, and was overall one of the top VPNs we reviewed.

Below is a detailed Torguard review that includes the pros and cons of this VPN provider.

​What is Torguard?

Torguard Review

Torguard Review

Torguard is an inexpensive and fast VPN that is easy to use. The VPN provides advanced security and an array of features that make it a worthwhile service. The US-based VPN service considers P2P and torrent users.

Also, the company boasts of excellent speed and doesn’t keep logs. Its military-grade encryption guarantees total anonymity online. Torguard has pre-configured free torrent clients that work with most operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

The VPN offers anonymous Bit Torrent proxy service for P2P network users through proxy access and SOCKS5.

With Torguard, you can access:

Torguard Review

  • Five simultaneous VPN connections per account
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Unlimited speeds and bandwidth
  • PPTP and L2TP security protocols
  • VPN servers in over 40 countries

Torguard Review

What We Like About Torguard

Torguard Review

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Torguard Review

Torguard has impressive features and benefits that include:


Torguard has fantastic discounts, which make it affordable. You get a permanent 50% off lifetime discount when you sign up for the service. Also, the company provides a two-year plan for $​$$, but with the discount code, you can get the package for $​$.

A monthly VPN plan starts at $​, the quarterly plan at $​$, semi-annual plan at $​$, and the annual plan at $​$. Although other VPN providers offer discounts, most require a three-year commitment or the discounts are limited for a specific time.

Torguard provides other offers when you sign up. For example, you can opt for static IP addresses or increase the number of machines on your account to get a discount. You don’t have to worry about payment options as the VPN provider has multiple payment options like PayPal, credit cards, gift cards, and cryptocurrency.

Torguard Review

Stable and Fast Speed

Another area that Torguard shines is in the server speeds. You can enjoy stable and fast speeds from all locations all over the world. Torguard users can stream 2K and 4K videos with ease. What’s more, you can access torrent and gaming sites.

Multiple Security Options and Configurations

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Torguard has impressive features that most VPNs lack. You can access features like DNS leak protection, IP leak, network kill switch, additional proxy support, and dedicated IP server integration.

Other notable features include the auto-connect and the application appearance customization. The VPN provider has two tunnel types between OpenVPN and OpenConnect. OpenConnect is a fantastic option if you need to connect quickly. Also, with OpenConnect you can hide your web traffic thanks to the AES-2560GCM encryption.

OpenVPN allows you to customize the authentication and the actual cipher. You can increase your speeds by decreasing encryption in the main client page.

Additional Services

Torguard is highly-rated due to its extra services. The VPN provider offers other services like encrypted email, proxy credentials, VPN router store, and free VPN routers.

You can access features like unlimited mail storage, calendar support, two-factor auth, MITM protection, and more with Torguard email website.

Doesn’t Store Logs

Torguard is a no log VPN, which means you don’t have to worry about the provider collecting logs on your VPN usage. Tests run on IP leak, and DNS found that nothing leaks out after connecting to the servers.

Doesn’t Store Logs

Torguard allows up to five connections on every account. You can use the VPN on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone simultaneously. Also, for a dollar every month, you can add more devices on the account you have.

The service offers stealth connections that bypass firewalls and a malware blocker to keep out cyber threats. Specific servers are optimized for torrent downloads, which allows users to browse or stream faster.

Multiple P2P Options

Torguard subscribers have many P2P options that include a proxy service with over 200 servers in eight nations.

The service is ideal for subscribers who don’t need a full VPN service. While the proxy service doesn’t provide the same security as a virtual private network, it can help you unblock geo-restricted content and P2P file sharing.

Also, the company has an anonymous email service with four different plans. You get 10MB of offshore email storage which you can use on any OS.

Netflix Access

Torguard has dedicated IPs, which guarantee unblocked Netflix access. Although other VPNs work with Netflix, they use shared servers that Netflix may block or blacklist. You don’t have to worry about getting the Netflix proxy error as you get a unique IP when you sign up for Torguard.  

Works on all Platforms

The VPN provides an app for mobile and desktop platforms that work with Apple, Microsoft, and Linux devices. You can also install the VPN on your router. The knowledge base provides a manual setup when you need to work with multiple devices.

App-Specific Kill Switch

Some VPN providers have generic kill switches, but Torguard allows you to terminate specific processes if you notice a compromise in your VPN connection.

For example, if you have the BitTorrent active and you notice a drop in VPN connection, you can have the app terminate the process and leave other things running.

Excellent Customer Service

Torguard has a 24/7 live chat coverage, something that shows the company’s commitment to customer service. You can always find someone to ask questions about connecting the VPN, getting a refund, or troubleshooting.

The company’s employees are also available on Twitter and Reddit, ready to respond to any customer queries. You’ll rarely find complaints about Torguard without an employee available to try and fix the problem.

Torguard Review

What We Don’t Like About Torguard

Torguard Review

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Torguard disappoints in a few areas like:

Outdated Interface

Although Torguard interface has multiple options, it’s obsolete and not intuitive. You’ll need to look closely into the interface to get around.

Technical Knowledge

Newbies without technical skills may find Torguard intimidating at first. The Windows application has detailed options which may confuse some people. However, you can overlook these details and connect to the server.

Third-Party Apps on Android and iOS

You’ll require the Android or iOS app to use Torguard’s VPN services on a mobile device. While this may not be a big deal, it extends a simple proves. Some VPNs that have mobile apps have a way of making them work without the need for a third-party app.

​Lack of a Free Trial

Torguard doesn’t provide a free trial for its customers. Nonetheless, the company has no-hassle 7-day refund policy which allows you to get a refund if you don’t like the service for various reasons.

Torguard Privacy Policy and Logging

Torguard has a no-logs policy, and there are no complaints about the company giving out customer logs to third-parties. With its headquarters in Florida, Torguard has an excellent reputation for transparency.

The VPN service provider requires your name and email address to prevent fraud. However, it doesn’t store any personal information.

Torguard for Android and iOS

Torguard Servers and Server Locations

Torguard Streaming Performance

Torguard Pricing Plans and Packages

Getting Started With Torguard

How Torguard Compares to other VPNs

Below is a detailed look at how Torguard compared to other VPN providers.



IP Vanish



​Final Thoughts

​Torguard is an affordable VPN service provider with impressive speeds and privacy dedication. Unlike other VPNs that give out your logs, the company doesn’t sell out your logs, and it passes any IP leak tests.

Although the company provides individual users with VPN control, a better interface would be excellent. You can compare the service with other top-rated VPN services before settling on one that fits your needs and budget.


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