Trust Zone VPN Review: Complete Overview

trust zone vpn review

As we become more connected to the internet, keeping our connections private has become more critical than ever before. Virtual private networks are one of the ways that we can protect our data and even have better connectivity to content from around the world, but you can't select the first VPN you come across.

Companies are plenty aware of the growing need for VPNs, and so there is a multitude of them available. As with any other product or service, there is some variation in the available features and quality of VPNs. Depending on what you plan to use your VPN for, it can take some time to determine the best choice for you.

Trust Zone VPN has a name that inspires confidence in its service, but that's not enough to seem a virtual private network as suitable for your needs. Does this VPN live up to its name and give you everything you should expect? Our Trust Zone VPN review is here to determine that answer.


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What Does Trust Zone VPN Do?

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Trust Zone VPN provides a virtual private network service, which is a way of keeping yourself anonymous on the internet and appearing as if you're connecting through a different IP address, which can help access region-locked content online. Different VPNs have a diverse range of capabilities, so let's see how far Trust Zone's VPN can get you.

Logging and Privacy

When searching for a VPN provider, logging is one of the first things you want to check. If a VPN service records or logs your activity, this can take away your internet privacy and even compromise your safety. As one of your goals in using a VPN is to help protect your privacy online, any company that logs user activity is a no-go.

Thankfully, Trust Zone VPN does no recording or logging of user activity whatsoever. They clearly outline this and other vital pieces of information in their privacy policy, and so you can rest assured of your internet anonymity as you use their service.

Device Compatibility

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Aside from checking if the VPN service logs your activity, you also want to know if you can use a VPN with your chosen device. Due to the VPN protocols that Trust Zone uses, they are only compatible with Windows and Android devices, and they support both newer and older protocols, which help keep the VPN client operable with a wider variety of these types of devices.

Unfortunately, this setup means that Trust Zone VPN is not readily compatible with Mac and other iOS devices. If you have the skillset to tweak the VPN client, you can adjust it to work on iOS, but it's not readily convenient like other competing VPN services out there. If you're a beginner with VPNs and you use a Mac, then you'll want to start looking through other available options.


Just like with anything else we pay for online, it should be a simple and secure process to pay your Trust Zone subscription fee. The service allows you to use multiple payment options, such as cards, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. Both credit cards and PayPal are familiar and simple to use, and Bitcoin payment allows for entirely anonymous payment if you have your hands in the realm of cryptocurrency.

Ease of Use

Aside from the extra tinkering that you may go through if you attempt to use Trust Zone's VPN on a Mac or iOS device, we find that Trust Zone is incredibly straightforward to install. Once you complete your payment, you can then download the client to your device and allow it to finish its install process.

When you're ready to take advantage of your VPN, you can see its straightforward layout. Clicking on the yellow shield icon will start the client, and the shield then becomes green to indicate that you have a connection. You can see your current IP address from the top screen of the client, and the servers tab is easily visible, which will allow you to switch your connection as you like.

Another benefit to Trust Zone's VPN is its automatic kill switch. This feature will help keep tabs on your VPN use and shut down the connection if there is a risk of someone compromising you, which is an excellent feature for ensuring your security while online.

Simultaneous Use of Devices

VPN providers know that we no longer only access the internet through our computers—and they also know we tend to use multiple devices in tandem. As such, any VPN worth its salt will allow you to connect multiple devices at once, and Trust Zone does provide this option.

With the default plan, you can use up to three devices simultaneously per license, which isn't bad, but it's also a bit below the industry standard. Trust Zone also provides the possibility of upgrading to simultaneous use of five devices at once, though you will need to pay an additional cost to do so.

Servers and Locations

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In the case of the number of servers and their locations, more is most certainly better. The more servers a VPN provider has, the better it can handle multiple users utilizing the client at once, which is something that no one will argue with having. Additionally, the more locations a VPN has servers in, the better it can provide service around the world and can connect to regional websites and content.

Trust Zone VPN only has about 130 servers on its side, which does fall short of the standards set by many of the top VPN companies. Additionally, those servers are across about thirty countries, which again has some limitations in access. So what do these numbers mean for you?

First up, you can easily find VPNs with more total servers on their side, which means you'll likely have far more consistent service, no longer when you need to use them. With the thirty countries of access, you may have a difficult time receiving reliable service depending on where you live in the word, plus you won't be able to access region-locked content outside of these areas.

Even so, Trust Zone does provide decent use speed for most users, which is something you should expect out of a VPN. Additionally, the VPN's servers in South Africa, India, mainland China, and Hong Kong provide access to areas that other companies don't have much service for or otherwise wholly ignore.

Netflix Use

While Netflix has added substantial convenience to people's lives, the streaming service does have some frustrating aspects. One of those factors is that some content is only available to certain areas, while another is that, even with a VPN on your side, Netflix may still not allow you to watch that show you've wanted to check out.

Trust Zone VPN can give you some Netflix access, but the chances of having a successful connection can easily vary. On the one hand, Trust Zone's servers can allow you to access Netflix; on the other, this capability does not hold for all of its servers, which is entirely a downfall. For those who plan to use their VPN mostly for Netflix access, there are much better options available.

Free Trial

Sometimes the best way to determine if a VPN is right for you is to try it out for yourself. Trust Zone's affordable cost makes it easy to try it out without too much financial loss, but you don't even have to go that far, as the service provides a free trial for three days of use. This period isn't exactly extensive, but it is enough to get a feel for what Trust Zone has to offer.

While we think a cost-free trial is excellent (especially since there's no requirement of payment information beforehand), Trust Zone doesn't give you a comprehensive idea of their service within this time. You'll find that there is a bandwidth restriction, which can create issues if you plan to do a substantial amount of browsing. However, if you like the trial, the full version should be plenty suitable.


Pros and Cons at a Glance


  • Option to have a dedicated IP
  • Clear privacy policy
  • Has excellent clients for both
  • Windows and Android
  • Allows for Netflix streaming abroad
  • Affordable pricing
  • Accepts Bitcoin payments


  • A limited number of global servers
  • Must manually set up the client for Mac and iOS
  • Only allows for three simultaneous connections
  • Free trial plan bandwidth has limitations
  • Limited customer support

How It Compares


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With so many other VPNs available, it's important to know that you've found a quality service to spend your money on having. Trust Zone VPN falls slightly in the middle of the pack, with some of its features making it come up a little bit above average.

For example, not every VPN allows reliable access to Netflix streaming, and even the ones that do can have limitations in attempting to stream Netflix through foreign servers. Combined with its affordable pricing system, Trust Zone VPN can be a fitting option for those that want to watch shows that aren't available in their home region.

The clear privacy policy is a must for any reliable VPN, and Trust Zone VPN does deliver on that front as well. Windows and Android users will have an easygoing time with using this service, too, which is rather common, but still nice to know that you have ready on your side so that you don't need to struggle with setting up the client.

However, when it comes to the number of global servers available, Trust Zone VPN starts to fall short in comparison to other major competitors out there. The fact that you need to do extra configuration to make the VPN client work on both Mac and other iOS devices makes it difficult for beginners or those with little in-depth computer skill to use quickly.

The limitation on only three simultaneous connections at once also absolutely knocks down the amount of use you can get out of Trust Zone VPN; while it's more than just one link, it's not rare to find other VPN providers that allow upwards of five simultaneous devices in use at once. The lack of comprehensive customer support and limitations on free bandwidth are also detractors.

Overall, it's not difficult to find a VPN that falls below that Trust Zone VPN has to offer, but it's also not difficult to see one that surpasses it, either.




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Image from TrustZone

As with any other VPN service, Trust Zone's prices are available on a subscription basis. You'll need to lock in for a certain amount of service, and you can pay different costs for longer subscriptions. The base cost per month is $6.99, which is a lower price than you'll find with even higher ranked VPNs. However, part of that savings in cost then reflects in the limitations of service you'll see in Trust Zone.

For those longer subscriptions, you can expect to pay $14.85 for three months of service, and $39.95 for a year-long subscription, which brings your cost down to $4.95 and $3.33 per month respectively, which helps you get a better value for a service that doesn't have as much to offer as other VPNs on the market.

Since the three available device connections with Trust Zone VPN is below the standard, you can increase your connection numbers by paying an additional cost. For an additional $3.99 per month, you can then have five simultaneous devices in use through the VPN as opposed to three. This upgrade does make Trust Zone a bit costlier than some other services which offer more connections for less money.

In conclusion, Trust Zone VPN does provide a service that is a bit more affordable than some others on the market, though you will see some limitations that scale with the amount you're willing to spend on the product.


Public Perception

When it comes to looking up customer thoughts on the product, it can be a bit tricky to see what other users think when leaving a Trust Zone VPN review. Users that can easily access the VPN client remark that it's simple to use, it has an excellent default configuration set, gives quality security, and even has responsive speeds—which are all things you want to hear when looking for a VPN.

However, customers do note Trust Zone's limitations, as well. Most notably, users who were looking for Netflix service found that they had difficulty accessing the streaming site through the VPN, or at least that it took a substantial amount of time to find a server that would allow access. Some customers also found that accessing Trust Zone while living in other countries was more difficult than other services.

While average customer ratings of other top VPNs like Express VPN, Cyber Ghost, and Nord VPN were higher than Trust Zone's, the Trust Zone VPN still ranks positively from users, even with its limitations in mind.


What We Think

Our Final Rating:

3.0 out 5.0 stars

In providing our Trust Zone VPN review, it's easy to see that it's not a perfect VPN service. The limitations with Netflix, global servers, and customer service are a substantial part of what makes Trust Zone fall behind the competition. Even more so, we have a lot of concerns about how Trust Zone is only easily accessible for Windows and Android users, leaving Mac and iOS devices out of the picture.

Netflix users can also have some complications with Trust Zone VPN, as some servers don't have access. The limited number of global servers also makes it challenging to access local websites and other content, which takes out much of the convenience of having a VPN. However, the service does gain points for respecting its privacy policy, as well as its affordable cost and multiple payment options.

With a fair mix of good and bad aspects to it, we find Trust Zone deserving of a three out of five ranking. If you want to spend a relatively inexpensive cost on a VPN, you don't need more than three simultaneous connections, you have a Windows device, and you don't plan to do much torrenting or steaming, them Trust Zone VPN can help provide you with online security.

If you don't mind tinkering with the available settings to customize your experience or to configure the app for iOS and Mac devices, then you may be able to get some use out of Trust Zone VPN. Otherwise, check out our guide to the best VPNs for Macs for much more suitable services that don't require any hassle to install or run.

Trust Zone VPN won't be suitable for every user, but for those who want to have some web protection that doesn't necessarily rely on torrenting or Netflix streaming, it gets the job done. We suggest testing out the free trial to get a feel for is this service is right for you, even with the limited bandwidth on this cost-free option.



Trust Zone VPN offers a deal for users who choose to pay for their services through Bitcoin. Aside from the benefit of paying for your subscription entirely anonymously, this Bitcoin-based discount will also help you save on an already reasonably priced VPN service.

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