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In the age of the internet, keeping your identity safe online is vitally important for many users. Whether you want to keep your browsing history to yourself or protect yourself from cybercriminals, you deserve the best service out there.

Unblockr is a Smart DNS and VPN provider based out of the United Kingdoms. Not many people know about the company, so in this Unblockr review, we will investigate the service and find out whether it offers a dependable service or a cheap fraud. 

So without further adieu, let us take a closer look at Unblockr. We will start by looking at the two services that the company offers and exploring what they exactly mean.

What is Unblockr and What Does It Do?

The Unblockr company offers two useable services: and Smart DNS function and a VPN function. Before we get into any of the specifics of the services, it is essential that you understand the difference between these two types of services. That way, you know what you pay for and what you get.

DNS and Smart DNS Service

VPN Service

Unblockr Service Specifications

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Now that we know a bit about the two services that Unblockr offers to let us take a closer look at their technical specifications that come with the product. First, let us take a look at the IP addresses that the company provides. 

As of this article, the company has six of them: one primary one for each location and one secondary one. In the United Kingdom, the primary IP address is, and the secondary one is In the United States, the primary IP address is, and the secondary one is 

In Canada, the primary IP address is, and the secondary one is You can use the Unblockr service on a variety of products including Apple products, Window products, Android products,  Playstation products, Xbox products, Amazon products, Kodi devices, Sony products, smart televisions, routers, and modems. 

The company goes through the internet service provider DigitalOcean, and you can find the company in the United Kingdom — specifically in London. The owner of the site is Bob Pender, who works for the DSR organization. 

The domain age of the site is five years and one hundred and twenty-five days.  One red flag regarding the service is the professional email that Unblockr provides for contact info. The service uses a Gmail address: lee.rumble@gmail.com. 

This fact does not automatically mean that the service is not reliable — more often than not, it can merely mean that the company is small or a start-up. But it might also mean that the owner did now invest in a quality website. 

Spec Table

United Kingdom internet protocol address — and

United States internet protocol address — and

Canada internet protocol address — and

Products you can connect — Apple products, Window products, Android products,  Playstation products, Xbox products, Amazon products, Kodi devices, Sony products, smart televisions, routers, and modems. 

Internet Service Provider — DigitalOcean

Country — United Kingdom

City — London

Owner name — Bob Pender

Owner organization — DSR

Owner email — lee.rumble@gmail.com

Domain age — Five years and one hundred twenty-five days

Where Can You Purchase Unblockr?

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You can purchase a plan from Unblockr at one location: the Unblockr site. Both the DNS and VPN service allows three different purchasing plans. 

Unblockr works as a subscription model of sorts. You can buy a plan for one month, six months, or a year at a time. Of course, as is the case with all subscriptions like this, you will save money by buying more time up front.

The pricing of Unblockr sits in the middle of similar DNS services. The price for such a program is relatively standard at this point.

You can also try Unblockr for free without committing to a plan. Sign up for a 7-day free trial on the company website before jumping in with a month to a year of the service to see whether or not it’s the best option for you.

How Unblockr Compares with Other Brands

In this section, we compare the Unblockr services with two other popular companies that offer similar services. Specifically, we compare it with SmartDNSProxy and ExpressVPN. 

We include these two service because they provide some helpful alternatives for people who do not think the Unblockr company fits their needs. They also help us identify some of the strengths and weaknesses associated with the product.  


If you want a smart DNS server specifically for streaming, then you will probably like the SmartDNSProxy service. The service costs a little more than Unblockr’s quick DNS function, but it comes with loads of benefits. SmartDNSProxy unblocks features on the six leading popular websites like YouTube and Vevo. 

In addition to this feature, the service also offers one hundred and thirty-three video and music streaming site located around the world. One reason the site costs a little more than Unblockr is the number of servers they hold around the world. They possess over four hundred, which makes the service much more faster than Unblockr. 

Like the other service, you can also use SmartDNSProxy on as many devices as you want as long as they connect through the same internet protocol address. However, unlike Unblocker, SmartDNSProxy offers no type of security whatsoever. 

This lack of privacy is nothing new for services specializes in Smart DNS content, but it would still be nice to have the option to use a VPN. The site also possesses exceptional customer service and usability. 

The service is so intuitive you probably will not need any help, but if you do have questions the site over twenty-four-seven live chat options with representatives for assistance. 

While some people may not like the lack of software that comes with the service, we think it actually makes it much better and more intuitive. As such, we give it a final rating of five stars out of five stars in terms of its smart DNS service.


If you want the full protection of a dependable virtual private network, then we recommend going with the ExpressVPN service.  The VPN application is incredibly straightforward, and the company supports all types of devices. 

They also hold a strict no-logging policy, which means they will never record your metadata, IP address, DNS history, or browsing history. The site does cost more than Unblockr and SmartDNSProxy, but you also get a vast area of usability. 

ExpressVPN offers over three thousand different servers in ninety-four different countries. The site also allows torrenting and P2P sharing capabilities. 

ExpressVPN also measures out to be one of the fastest VPNs available. The service comes with a download speed of one hundred MBPS, and a download speed of eighty-three MBPS. As such, we give it a final rating of four in half stars out of five stars.

Unblockr Pros and Cons

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In this section of our Unblockr review we touch on some things we like about the service and some things we think could use general improvement. We use a collection of our own observation and other users so we can get a more complete picture of the service.


  • Excellent compatibility with Kodi 
  • Can change location on demand
  • Unlimited amount of devices
  • Good versatility
  • Easy access to streaming content

The biggest pro associated with Unblockr is that it is a VPN compatible with Kodi. The app offers a lot of good content to games, media, and streaming services, but much of it is blocked if you like in the United Kingdom or other places in the world. 

As such, the site lets you unblock a lot of the features — hence its name. It does this service in a reasonably affordable manner. You can also change the location you want your server in at any time — but it is limited to areas in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. 

Luckily, once you subscribe to the service, you can use it on as many devices you want — there is no limit. Another good thing about the Unblockr service is the variety of types you can connect to when using the service. 

Whether it is a video game console, smart television, tablet device or computer, you can probably access the service on it. 

What is more, the company gives you detailed instructions in terms of setting up the device. Once you do connect your device, then streaming on the platform becomes easy. We recommend the service mainly to unblock websites and streaming content.


  • Slow speeds
  • Low traffic on the site
  • Red flags raised by owner email
  • Uses a high-risk country for its location

Unfortunately, there are just as many cons associated with Unblockr. Because the company is so small, there are a variety of issues related to it. For one thing, there is very little traffic on the site — which means people are not using it as much as the other Smart DNS and VPN services. 

As such, there is not much of an incentive for the Unblockr staff to regularly update and maintain the integrity of the server. Your device will also slow down significantly when you use Unblockr. This fact is actual for almost all VPNs and most smart DNS services, but it is especially pronounced in Unblockr. 

This issue likely relates to the fact that Unblockr is not very large and what little traffic they have must go through the same server. As we mentioned in the specifications section, the fact that the technical contact email is public also raises some potential red flags — mainly regarding the company and its reliability. 

The last con has to do with the company’s location. The United Kingdom is deemed a high-risk profile by the International Banking Federation. 

This fact means that the company cracks down hard on instances of fraud and stealing. As such, you could quickly get in trouble with the law by using Unblockr — depending on the extent of service you access with it.

Unblockr Review Conclusion

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In our opinion, while the Unblockr service certainly improved since its introduction, there are still more substantial and more reliable Smart DNS and VPN services out there. 

There are too many red flags surrounding the Unblockr company: slow speeds, public technical contacts, and high-risk source countries. The reality is that you can pay about the same price and receive much better rates and protection from services like SmartDNSProxy and ExpressVPN. 

We would not trust using the service for the privacy involved in a virtual private network — especially if you take online privacy seriously. However, the product is not a complete fraud. 

We do think the SmartDNS service that company provides works pretty well, even if it is a little slower when compared to the competition. However, it is undeniable that Unblockr offers a much more affordable service. 

So, if you want a more affordable and barebone Smart DNS service, then we think you will appreciate Unblockr. As such, we give it a final rating of three stars out of five stars. 

We hope this Unblockr review helped you decide whether or not the service offers the right function for your needs. Good luck during the rest of your shopping process!

Featured Image: Image by Stefan Coders from Pixabay


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